Kalhari in brief

The history of Kalhari Builders (Pvt) Ltd runs back to 1960 and ever since we have become one of the most trusted and reliable construction companies. The company was in the forefront of housing construction during the nineteen sixties and seventies. In 2008 Kalhari Builders was registered as a Private limited liability company. Later, Kalhari Builders was awarded the C5 Grade by the Institute of Construction Training and Development in the year 2009.

We have been delivering a better service for our customers ranging from housing, commercial and government projects. Our proud heritage of quality workmanship and reliability has seen us build our company as one of Sri Lanka’s leading construction companies. Building the quality into every aspect of the construction with a highly experienced and skilled team, comprising engineers, design consultants, quantity surveyors, technical officers and a construction force who are qualified to meet our meticulous standards.

What We Do?

We have established a reputation for ourselves primarily in the major housing projects for leading real estate companies and for individual clients. Moreover, we have delivered many major commercial and government projects to exceed customer’s expectations. At Kalhari Builders, Our well experienced in-house staff has the capacity and capability to undertake any construction project, and we possess necessary plant and machinery for major construction work.

We strive to ensure every part of your construction experience is inspiring and rewarding. This applies to everything from inception, through to construction and assurance phases. Our goal is to make the entire process reliable, accountable and upfront.

Our commitment to honesty and improvement spreads to all areas of the business. We continually seek change for the betterment in everything that we do, to ensure that we offer a leading industry experience to you, now and into the future. We believe in two-way contact. Our teams are dedicated to obtain your feedback at every stage of the project as client’s-delight is our utmost priority.

We believe in being clear and candid. Customers know what their project will cost from pre-contract stage. Timelines and processes are communicated plainly and succinctly. We are honest with the information that we offer. We explain details, explore options and derive the final cost. It is one of our main goals to maintain a smooth communication process which is clear, concise and accurate about pricing and upgrades.

We have the knowledge and the experience to guide you through every step of the way, across the threshold and into the completion of the project. You will have a dedicated team of specialists who will have partnership with you throughout each phase of the project.

We take extra measures to ensure that our projects are delivered to the highest calibre. Furthermore, we offer a maintenance period to give you the assurance and peace of mind required.


Name of the CompanyKalhari Builders (Pvt) Ltd
Registered Office 34, Pepiliyana Road, Nugegoda, Sri lanka.
Date of Establishment/Founded date 1960
Legal FormPrivate Limited Liability Company
Managing DirectorG.W. Uyangodage
ICTAD GradeC5 Buildings
BankersBank of Ceylon
Auditors Disanayake and Company